SEO Techniques Likely To Be Outdated In 2014 And Overview Of New SEO Trends

Do you believe SEO is dead?Check out what SEO Gurus have to say on this,”I’ve said it before, but SEO is in many ways about change. The Best SEOs recognize, adapt, and even flourish when changes happen.” – Matt Cutts”I’ll be honest – I don’t think SEO will die.” – Rand Fishkin (SEO Moz)Even I believe that SEO will never die, it will be updated. In every field, change and update is the future, so you have to be updated in SEO if you want to grow.Then who’s gonna die?Old Fashioned Strategy
Traditional Behavior
Those who don’t know algorithm changes
On-Site SEO Factors that may no longer work:-Meta keywords, Meta Description, Meta Author
H1 to H6 Tags
Bold, Italic, Underline and other formatting tags
Exact matching anchor texts in contextual links
Title attribute used for anchor text and images
Using table formed structure instead of DIV and HTML5+CSS3
IDs / parameters / numbers in URL instead of meaningful name of the page
Heavily stuff keywords in URL, Images name, links & Content
Heavy Images and code, flash
Heavy size of the page
Broken links
Poor usage of 301, 302, 404
Off-Site SEO Factors that may no longer work:-Directory Submissions using keywords instead of business/brand names.
Social Bookmarking with repeated titles and descriptions
Article Submission using same/spun/poor quality content
Useless press releases distribution
Classified posting
Creating just profiles on web 2.0 properties
Blog commenting
Forums with unplanned strategy
Products / services image submission
Overview of New SEO Trends in 2014:-Building Authority
Quality Content
Adaptable Content & Responsive Design
Unique approach
Expanding your network by encouraging authority to connect
Balanced, neutral link profiles
Removing low quality links
Social Media Engagement
The points above reveal that SEO will never die, but the process will change/get updated day by day. You have to update yourself in the SEO field to grow. Be adaptable and an eager learner to stay on top.Do you have any questions? Please leave an email at AuthorDhaval Shah
Dhaval Shah is the Search Engine Marketing Manager at Analytix Solutions LLC, an Accounting based company in Woburn, MA. Contact him on