Measuring Your SEO Performance

‘SEO’ is a universally known term for “Search Engine Optimization”. Most of the people talk about various SEO terminologies such as off-page, on-page, robots, sitemap, press release, articles, blogs and many more. Do you know of any proven metrics to measure the success of your SEO campaign? Does your SEO provider provide you with comprehensive statistics to demonstrate the results of your SEO Campaign? Do you get any business intelligence reports from your SEO on the basis of which the parameters hampering the success of your campaign can be identified and corrected?As a professional SEO service provider we not only build and execute your SEO campaign but also on a periodic basis analyze results using performance measurement metrics and help us identify weak links in the campaign, if any. Constant analysis and improvement of methods helps to sustain top listings in search engines on a consistent basis. Consistency in maintaining top rankings in search listings helps in building the online brand presence that every business yearns for.In this article, is a case study of one of our clients and how using our performance measurement metrics and improvisation techniques we have consistently delivered impressive results and help them maintain consistent web traffic.“Before” graph represents the value of not optimized website.“After” graph represents the value of Optimized website by us.Website Traffic Analysis:(click on the image for Larger View)Result: Increase in web traffic from 1,381 to 2,228 per month which is the nearly double as compared to the traffic prior to optimization.Keywords Analysis:(click on the image for Larger View)Result: Increase in keyword visits from 839 to 1,282 per month which is the nearly double as compared to the traffic prior to optimization.Goal Conversion Detail:(click on the image for Larger View)Result: Increase in Goal Conversion means website is reaching to the right target audiences and they are reaching to the right source i.e, website’s particular webpage.The ultimate goal of the any business website is to convert the visitor into a prospect. We build an action plan to not only widen the online brand visibility of our client but also maintain a focus on the ultimate objective of website i.e. generating prospects. Through website optimization and targeting relevant keywords and persistent efforts on reaching out to your prospective client base we well and truly convert your website into a value proposition for your business.As a top performing SEO Provider our USP lies in the fact that our focus is not only to optimize your website for Search Engine Performance but also to make it an effective and usable tool in your overall marketing plans. If you are looking for something more than just SEO Services just speak to us once and we will demonstrate how website could drive the growth of your business. Contact Us Today !!!