Google Penguin Updates: Effects and Solutions

Google, on a periodic basis, updates and enhances their search algorithm to improve the quality of search results. The focus is to have genuinely optimized and relevant quality sites among the top results for the keywords. Google recently announced a new update that would affect website rankings, termed as ‘Google Penguin Update’.The focal point of the Penguin update is the link structure of the website. It examines links which refer to your website on a wide variety of parameters like quality of backlink, anchor text, backlink type, website weightage, etc. So now Site Optimizers have to take due diligence in picking externals links referring to your website. Henceforth, SEO service providers and consultants’ efforts of optimizing websites via linking will not be limited to just quantity of links, but also quality of links.For all those Internet Marketing professionals and Web Marketers who have spent considerable amount of time working with their SEO service providers and consultants building page ranks and achieved the objective of having listed their website among top search results, the questions bugging them most would be about what repercussions the Google Penguin update would have on their site rankings and how to counter them.If currently the links to your website are from low quality or spammy websites, your site page ranks and search rankings are going to take a major hit from this update. While creating links in the near future, site optimizers will have to double check the quality of the website before submitting your link to the webmasters of the website. Refrain from creating backlinks from websites that look spammy or have bad page ranks.Most of the SEO service providers and consultants use the same anchor text and same link in order to achieve better ranking. But post- Google Penguin update, the same would be considered as Spam. In order to avoid being tagged as spam, site optimizers will have to use different anchor text as well as different links while getting backlinks.The sites that would take the major hit would be sites using keyword stuffing or creating keyword clouds as such sites are a prime target for Google Penguin update. The simplest and the best way to avoid it is by using keywords related to your page and maintaining the keyword density ratio in the page content. You can research for keywords related to your page using Google Adword Keyword Tool.Bottom line, to ensure the consistency of your search ranking your SEO service provider or consultant will have to continuously analyze the rankings on keywords as well as traffic to measure the success of optimization.If you wish to know more about Search Engine Optimization as well as countering the Google Penguin update effect please feel free to post your queries on Please feel free to send your suggestions for any particular topic pertaining to SEO which you wish us to write about and post on this blog.Lastly please feel free to post your comments and feedback on this blog post. Do continuous analysis of your ranking on keywords as well as traffic to measure the success of optimization. Are you out of reach of such Penguin effects? Do you have any other suggestions? Please do comment to make this article more valuable to optimizers and business persons.